Clubs and Athletics

**Many clubs are on pause due to COVID or due to no staff available for an advisor. Please check with your child's teacher regarding current clubs!**

Kids Care Club

Kids Care Club (KCC) is a group that allows kids to give back to the greater community. Meetings include activities like: trips to the local food pantry, making cards for veterans and making care packages for those in need.


PALS is a club that works closely with Pinkerton Academy. Pinkerton students sign up to be a "pal" for a Grinnell student. They come to Grinnell once a month and they participate in games and activities together. Carmen Zavorotny is the advisor for PALS and can be reached at

Running Club

Running Club is offered in the fall to 4th and 5th grade students. It runs from mid September to the end of October. Students are encouraged to participate in a "Fun Run" at the end of the club with other Derry elementary running clubs. The club focuses on a healthy and active lifestyle as well as being a good teammate and having good sportsmanship. Alison Winer is the advisor and can be reached at

Wee Deliver Post Office

Wee Deliver is an in-school post office that allows students and staff to write to any body in the building. Letters are mailed all week and delivered on Friday mornings. Students are given the chance to work for the post office to help sort and deliver letters. 5th grade students are given the chance to be Post Master and help organize the Friday deliveries.

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